Pâte à modeler JOUES D'HEIDI

Pâte à modeler JOUES D'HEIDI
Fanny&Douve's Dough is THE great smelling homemade dough, made with love by the Sara Family in Switzerland.

When Johanna Spyri wrote "Heidi," she had all children in mind, not just the real mountain people. When children are in the mountains they disappear like deer, and come back to us, happy and with cheeks as sweet as apricots from the Valais. It is for Johanna Spyri, her knowledge of children, and our affection for the Valais mountains that we have named this apricot paste "Heidi's cheeks".

Domestic ingredients and usable in the kitchen
Made in Switzerland, in Penthalaz :-)
free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50