Pâte à modeler T'AS LA PÊCHE...MELBA

Pâte à modeler T'AS LA PÊCHE...MELBA
Fanny&Douve's Dough is THE great smelling homemade dough, made with love by the Sara Family in Switzerland.

A little thought for the south and my grandma who used to take us to eat peaches melba, by the sea, in the summer at cocktail hour.
It was our thing.
Even if the years pass, you still have the peach Didinna❤️ To all the nonna, abuela, oma, mummo, nagyi, vovó, bàbouchka, farmor, babunia, yaya, Obãsan, jedda, Granny, Kabi, Grossmutter, grandma, granny & so many more.

Domestic ingredients and usable in the kitchen
Made in Switzerland, in Penthalaz :-)
free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50