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The EtaProof* suit is designed to protect your child from wind and rain in a healthier way than classic suits made out of synthetic fabrics do. The garment is lined with 100 % organic fleece, the jersey hood with organic cotton. *The EtaProof fabric is made out of the thinnest and longest cotton fibers which are very delicately woven in order to create a very dense fabric. It becomes even denser when it rains which makes the wet fibers swell and almost entirely fill in the empty spaces between the yarns.
EtaProof: 100% organic cotton; lining: polar fleece 100% organic cotton EtaProof is a development of British traditional performance cotton, extra long staple fibre yarns are gently spun and twisted, then woven into an extremely dense plain weave cloth.
Made in Portugal
Certified dyes Oeko-tex

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